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#BeyondRecipes #Chapter3 #FoodForBodyMindSpirit

Dear friends,

today I want to briefly reflect with you on the concept of Food and its role in our life.

We can define Food as "anything that is eaten, drunk or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth and all the vital processes."

Following this basic definition, Food is somehow anything we "consume" to provide nutritional support to ourselves.

That also means, that anything taken into the body as well as images, sounds, smells, tactile inputs could be considered Food because they are also "substances and informations we consume" and process to sustain our growth and life.

Our experience tells us that there's Food which has a lot of nutrients and benefits for our well-being and Food which can poisons us or making us sick, especially if consumed in big quantities.

Our experience also tells us how difficult is most of the time to discern exactly which Food is helping our well-being and which one is making us sick.

We can actually find this difficulty of understanding and discerning with all the Food listed above (images, sounds/words/thoughts, smells, tactile inputs) we daily consume.

We are in our consumer society so overload and overwhelmed with food/images/information that we get easily lost and we really need tools and support to inquire and to understand how those Foods are affecting our growth in order to be able to consciously choose what really sustains our personal life and well-being and what not.

#BeyondRecipes is a project born to explore together what can help us to grow strong, happy, free and peaceful.

It aims to understand together which Food is genuinely nutritious for our personal and unique body-mind-spirit and how we can take care of the well-being of ourselves and others by trusting our intuitions and exercising our own free will.

This is an invitation to journey together beyond recipes to care, to nurture, to feel, to share, to taste, to imagine, to embody, to cook, to create, to enjoy, to love.

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