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#BeyondRecipies #Chapter2#AllMouthsAreSisters

Our little girl was born into a family of humble farming origins. Her grandparents passed down folk wisdom to her through the teachings of ancient proverbs.

Whenever she was offered food she particularly enjoyed, her grandmother would repeat: "remember that all mouths are sisters." The proverb was a continuous invitation to consider food as a gift to be shared.

The little girl only received sweets and candies on special occasions, and many times she would have gladly kept these delicacies all to herself, but all she needed was the glance of another child who had gone hungry to remind her that "all mouths are sisters" and to instinctively feel the need to share her treasures to see the joy on a sister-mouth!

Since then she has learned to consider food and its sharing a daily practice of generosity: to give for the pure joy of making someone else happy!

It still happens that especially the fear and insecurity related to the thought of "not-having-enough" triggers natural feelings of greed and avarice.

Then our little girl, now grown up, observes her sister-mouths and remembers the deep joy that her heart feels every time she sees them so happy when sharing.


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