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As a team, we learn to help and support each other to realize our true potential and create a positive environment that allows everyone to grow beyond their limitations.

the pastamadre team


Thanks to a careful mother, I learned not to be a passive consumer and I began experimenting in the kitchen with food as my first toy. I remember me being little and playing for hours with a piece of dough, naturally improving my skills by just repeating day-to-day domestic gestures.

My grandmother used to express the idea of generosity, saying "all mouths are as sisters, and you should always share your food to those close to you".

I took her teaching quite literally, and I've been cooking for my family and friends with love and passion since I was a little girl. I have been making homemade pasta, sourdough bread and pizza, cookies, fermented vegetables etc., learning all my mother's and grandmother's' secrets and now that I am a little older the time has come to share such a long and precious experience with all of you.

I was born in Puglia, Italy and I come from a great southern family who taught me to enjoy and to practise the Italian cooking tradition, paying specific attention to home-made food.

I grew up following the precepts of the Mediterranean diet, eating mainly vegetables and fruit, cereals, legumes, seafood, a small amount of meat and dairy and of course olive oil. I love the simple, healthy, tasty cuisine of my homeland which, using seasonal ingredients, connects my body with the cyclic pace of nature.

Before relocating to Berlin, I lived in Bologna for 20 years, in the north of Italy, where I graduated with a degree in Visual Arts.

Alongside my passion for Art I have been always nurturing my interest in food, making it an essential part not only of my daily life but also of my artistic research. Therefore, whenever I talk about food, I like highlighting all its aspects: organoleptic, nutritional, symbolic, cultural.


pastamadre founder




My name is Benedetta and you should know that I’m in love with food: I daydream about new recipes and devour cookbooks!

Sharing my knowledge about bread and pizza makes me happy and this is why I joined Pastamadre.
I believe in its philosophy that "cooking should be fun, that recipes should be flexible".

I believe in good and sustainable food but I’m also an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence. Nothing beats a slice of homemade chocolate cake eaten with friends. 

During the day I work as a marketing manager but at night I become a baker: two years ago I took a break from my job to return to Italy (where I was born) and obtain the Bakery Chef diploma at ALMA cooking school. After that, I have worked in some bakeries between Italy and Berlin and now I'm back to doing what I love: sharing with you what I've learned!



I am Manana. My attachment to home-made food must have formed during my childhood in Georgia, where I was born.

I think at first it was the fruits and vegetables of our garden that I fell in love with.
During the summer holidays, with plenty of time and opportunity to observe, I would run into the garden in the morning to explore which plant flower had unfolded how over the night, which fruit had grown how big and which leaf had started to wilt.

In the meantime, eating and dealing with food (in the broadest sense) has become an integral part of my individual life-policy.

I am convinced that by continuously making myself aware of what I eat, how I eat, why I eat what I eat, I am enabling an important piece of freedom and self-determination, a possibility for free choice and radical expression of this choice.

And last but not least, it is important to tell ourselves about how sourdough can give us a little piece of independence: Isn't that crazy?
Just a few grains of grain and a few drops of water can give us not an illusion, but a true piece of freedom!

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I was born and grew up in Ioannina, a beautiful city in the northwest of Greece. I studied biochemistry and after obtaining my doctorate I moved to Berlin to pursue a career working as a researcher in a scientific institute.

Alongside, I had always an affection for food and cooking that gradually intensified and became a true passion. Food not only gave me the possibility to communicate and share my passion with everyone, something I couldn’t achieve with my work in the institute, but also a means to explore my creativity and stay in contact with my country.


I'm Umberto Galli Zugaro, President, Sommelier and Teacher of the European School of Sommelier.


Even if I´m born in Germany, I am from Italy. Before I stepped into the world of wine I worked among other things in the coffee industry. The similarity’s between tasting coffee and tasting wine are many. In both you can feel a whole palette of aromas and flavors. 



In Berlin I work as a lecturer, oversee international projects and lead seminars with tastings of wines and gourmet products from different countries. 


I am also the author of books on wine culture and wine education for the sommelier school, with a European perspective, as well as on wines from China.


Born in Venice, transplanted in Berlin with offshoot in Brandenburg.... my name is Sabina, I'm fascinated by the world of ideas that become reality with entrepreneurial thinking. This is probably because Venetians are seafarers, trade and making are in their blood. Feelings are our wind, we just need an oar to follow the desired direction. 

We discovered our property in Rosenwinkel in the Ruppiner Land a few years ago, it was love at first sight and oh boy: there was a lot to do! My goal was to transform this into a place of rest and security, for meditation and cooking together.

At the same time the desire to keep as much as possible of the original flair with a pinch of Mediterranean touch.

Here I can let off steam my passions with different materials, from pasta kneading to mortar mixing and last but not least honey production.



Creative by nature, rational by choice I studied economics, I live with my husband and children in Berlin and I worked for years as a management consultant.

I created Landhaus Rosenwinkel for our relax and joy and I'm happy to share it now with you!

landhaus rosenwinkel

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