Thanks to a careful mother, I learned not to be a passive consumer and I began experimenting in the kitchen with food as my first toy. I remember me being little and playing for hours with a piece of dough, naturally improving my skills by just repeating day-to-day domestic gestures.

My grandmother used to express the idea of generosity, saying "all mouths are as sisters, and you should always share your food to those close to you".

I took her teaching quite literally, and I've been cooking for my family and friends with love and passion since I was a little girl. I have been making homemade pasta, sourdough bread and pizza, cookies, fermented vegetables etc., learning all my mother's and grandmother's' secrets and now that I am a little older the time has come to share such a long and precious experience with all of you.

I was born in Puglia, Italy and I come from a great southern family who taught me to enjoy and to practise the Italian cooking tradition, paying specific attention to home-made food.

I grew up following the precepts of the Mediterranean diet, eating mainly vegetables and fruit, cereals, legumes, seafood, a small amount of meat and dairy and of course olive oil. I love the simple, healthy, tasty cuisine of my homeland which, using seasonal ingredients, connects my body with the cyclic pace of nature.

Before relocating to Berlin, I lived in Bologna for 20 years, in the north of Italy, where I graduated with a degree in Visual Arts.

Alongside my passion for Art I have been always nurturing my interest in food, making it an essential part not only of my daily life but also of my artistic research. Therefore, whenever I talk about food, I like highlighting all its aspects: organoleptic, nutritional, symbolic, cultural.


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I was born and grew up in Ioannina, a beautiful city in the northwest of Greece. I studied biochemistry and after obtaining my doctorate I moved to Berlin to pursue a career working as a researcher in a scientific institute.

Alongside, I had always an affection for food and cooking that gradually intensified and became a true passion. Food not only gave me the possibility to communicate and share my passion with everyone, something I couldn’t achieve with my work in the institute, but also a means to explore my creativity and stay in contact with my country.



My name is Benedetta and you should know that I’m in love with food: I daydream about new recipes and devour cookbooks!

Sharing my knowledge about bread and pizza makes me happy and this is why I joined Pastamadre.
I believe in its philosophy that "cooking should be fun, that recipes should be flexible".

I believe in good and sustainable food but I’m also an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence. Nothing beats a slice of homemade chocolate cake eaten with friends. 


I'm Umberto Galli Zugaro, President, Sommelier and Teacher of the European School of Sommelier.


Even if I´m born in Germany, I am from Italy. Before I stepped into the world of wine I worked among other things in the coffee industry. The similarity’s between tasting coffee and tasting wine are many. In both you can feel a whole palette of aromas and flavors. 



During the day I work as a marketing manager but at night I become a baker: two years ago I took a break from my job to return to Italy (where I was born) and obtain the Bakery Chef diploma at ALMA cooking school. After that, I have worked in some bakeries between Italy and Berlin and now I'm back to doing what I love: sharing with you what I've learned!

In Berlin I work as a lecturer, oversee international projects and lead seminars with tastings of wines and gourmet products from different countries. 


I am also the author of books on wine culture and wine education for the sommelier school, with a European perspective, as well as on wines from China.